SCIENCE class information

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✩Keep! Moving! Forward! 

Each week is a fresh start, another chance to show your personal best! When you have a less than stellar week, accept the lost point(s )and move on to the next week, the next opportunity to earn full credit on your assignments. 

✩Remember, you are a  PDMS T.I.G.E.R. !

At all times, conduct yourself in accordance with the T. I. G.E.R. traits which are prominently displayed in several points around campus. In accordance with the T.I.G.E.R traits, while in my classes, you are expected to adhere to the three Rs: be Respectful, be Responsible, be Ready to learn. 



You will be participating in the OpenSciEd curriculum which is a phenomena based, hands-on program. Each unit begins with an observation and the learning comes from figuring out what is happening. Our focus is matter & chemistry, chemical reactions, and metabolic sequences (biology through a chemistry lens!). 


-pencil(s)...mechanical preferred

-3 highlighters, different colors

-set of colored pencils

-wired headphones or earbuds. 

**Bluetooth earbuds, such as Airpods are not allowed in class.**



-1 inch 3-ring view binder

-lined paper

-glue stick & tape (in class)

-crayons & markers (in class)

-scissors & stapler (in class)

-wired headphones (communal use in class)

-iPad keyboards (communal use in class)


1. Daily Question (DQ) & discussion

 In this assignment, you will practice writing scientifically (making a claim, supported by evidence and proven with reasoning) by responding to the day’s prompt to the best of your ability. Prompts will vary from specific content comprehension to free write to directed use of specific grammar skills using science content. You will create ONE document for the week and add to it Monday-Thursday. Every Friday you will have time for revision and editing of the entire document before submitting it for grading. ONE of your responses will be graded each week, chosen by a roll of a die: number rolled is the entry chosen with five being free choice and six being teacher’s choice. 

*Formatting Expectations for weekly DQ: Correct heading in the upper left corner (hit enter twice). Title (DQweek#) centered under the heading (hit enter twice). Answers are in black font only-You may choose to use any easily readable font. Leave a blank space between answers (hit enter twice).  ALL questions answered to the best of your ability! Talk to me if you have questions. ALL colored, squiggly lines are cleared before submitting the doc. Missing two or more answers=loss of both format points!

2. Science lesson

HOMEWORK: 20-30 minutes M-Th

1. Review your student notebook
2. Work to complete unfinished assignments you may have 

3. Any additional assignment that needs finishing at home. This assignment will have a DUE DATE attached


Your FINAL academic grade is determined

 by the percentage of total points you earn on assignments and tests for the trimester as follows:

100%=A+    99-90%=A     89-85%=A-    84-75%=B   74-70%=B-   69-60%=C

59-55%=C-   54-45%=D   44-40%=D-   39%-0%=F



Effort grade will match the academic grade.

Effort grade may be adjusted at the end of the trimester based on active and consistent class participation coupled with passing quiz scores.


You start each week with 10 citizenship points with the goal of  keeping all 10 points! Your FINAL citizenship grade is determined by the percentage of total points you keep.

100%=A+    99-90%=A     89-85%=A-    84-75%=B   74-70%=B-   69-60%=C

59-55%=C-   54-45%=D   44-40%=D-   39%-0%=F


You are expected to:

*Respect the learning environment by demonstrating high levels of self-discipline. Choose to not intentionally disrupt the teaching/learning process with unnecessary noises, off-topic questions, going on a walk-about to talk to classmates when getting out of your seat for a tissue, or to your hands, or to throw something away, or to sharpen your pencil, etc.  Choose to stay on task with minimal monitoring.

*Maintain a positive relationship with peers. Choose to keep hands, feet, objects to oneself and refrain from negative verbal interactions while in class.

*Follow classroom routines correctly and consistently.

*Refrain from arguing when giving a warning/redirection. Choose to wait until we have a semi-private moment to discuss reasons for your actions. Having a civil conversation may lead to a lesser consequence.

*Come to class ON TIME every day with a charged iPad (35+%) and all other requested materials. This expectation includes first period. Do what you can to ensure you are at school before the 8:30 bell rings. Late bus is excused. You are responsible for any and all work you miss due to tardiness

One point per infraction incurred during the week will be deducted. Infractions include:  iPad issues (needs charge or missing), tardy to class, formal warning for disruptive behavior (given after three redirections with no change in behavior), gum/candy/eating in class, cell phone seen or heard

Four (4) points will be deducted for each tracker card entry for behavior (given after a formal warning) earned during the week.

A comment regarding subtractions will be recorded in PowerSchool by Monday afternoon the following week.


Earn ONE point:

- score  10/10 on any assignment. 9/10 is an A, but 10/10 is an A+! 

- rank 8 or 9 by a guest teacher.

 Ranking is determined by whole class behavior and effort. If I am out for 2+ consecutive days, then an average ranking will be used to determine if class-wide extra credit is earned.

Earn TWO points:

- rank 10 by a guest teacher.

 See above explanation 

Earn up to TEN points:

-complete a “STEM Stars” assignment before the trimester due date. The directions for this assignment are on the “STEM Stars” wall in the classroom. You can complete ONE of these assignments per trimester.