PE class information

Physical Education - All Saints Catholic School

PE Class:

PE is all about effort! Do your  personal best everyday. Work to improve your personal fitness and sports skills. Have a good attitude even if you feel you are “not athletic” or you don’t like the particular sport we are focused on for the week. 



*Pepper Drive PE uniform. 

Lost, damaged, or outgrown uniforms must be replaced at your parent’s expense:

 $5 shirt, $5 shorts

 No markings other than name (last, name, first initial) are allowed on PE uniform. 

*Closed-toe, laced athletic shoes in good condition. 
Better to have a pair to leave in your locker

 CROCS are not appropriate PE shoes! Nonsuit (-3) each time you choose to wear your CROCS in PE.

*Stick deodorant

Optional materials to be kept in your PE locker:

*Stick sunscreen 

*Sports headband, pony-tail holders, hair clips to keep hair and sweat out of your face 

*Any color sweatshirt and/or sweatpants for cold days

*A plain (no large logo) red, black, or gray baseball cap for sun protection 

**NO sunglasses are permitted at PE**


You will be assigned a lock and a locker for your PE clothes. It is your responsibility to care for your lock. Lost locks must be replaced at your parent’s expense: $5

While in the locker room, keep yourself to yourself. This means:


*No glass spray bottles

*No screaming, yelling, slamming lockers, kicking walls, chasing or touch your classmates in any manner . 

*No rude-dancing,  showing your private parts, or behaving in a provocative manner. 

*No climbing on lockers.

*No messing with classmates’ lockers, locks, or clothing.

*No sharing lockers  &/or PE clothes

*NO cell phones in the locker room

*All clothing must be kept in a locked locker at all times.

Clothing left on the floor or benches  or in an unlocked locker will be placed in the PE lost & found.

*No equipment in the locker room

Your teachers do not want to stand at the locker room door during change times, but we will if we have to.


Water bottles are to be placed on the bleachers before starting your circuit.

* Dress Out

You have four minutes to change! Don't dilly-dally in the locker room! 
*Roll-call and announcements

*Dynamic warm-up if you are running

*Focus Sport skills practice or game 

*Dress back in street clothes

**Schedule is adjusted on fitness testing days**


You will be tested in the mile, step-ups, curl-ups, and your choice of inclined (modified) pull-ups or flexed-arm hang.  

PE testing baseline scoring: 7th


PAW score A+






<9 minutes

<10 minutes

<11 minutes

<15 minutes

15+ minutes






less than 40






less than 30

mod. pull-ups





less than 9


Reach the PAW score at the end of trimester testing to earn a patch for your PE shirt!

Bonus point for beating your prior score each trimester!

7th graders also complete the California State Physical Fitness Testing in the spring, consisting of the mile, upper body strength, and flexibility. 


You will receive the SAME letter grade for academics, effort, and citizenship in PE.  You are given 5 points per day when you are here and fully participating, plus up to 40 points for trimester fitness testing. Your grade is determined by the percentage of total points you keep as follows:

100%=A+    99-91%=A     90%=A-     89-81%=B     80%=B-     79-71%=C

70-68%=C-     67-61%=D     60%=D-   

+1 Bonus Point for EACH of the following:

*outstanding effort/hustle between activities

*extra circuit lap within the given time limit

*picking up and disposing of trash without being asked

*volunteering to help with break-down OR to demonstrate a skill     

*caught demonstrating genuine good sportsmanship: encouraging classmates, being a gracious winner and loser, keeping your team focused on the activity at all times by respectfully redirecting those off task 

*Rank of 9/10 by a guest teacher, TWO points for a rank of 10/10!

-1 for EACH of the following:

*each use of profanity (placebo like “Frick” is considered profanity!)

*clothing found outside of locker and/or locker left open and/or lock left off locker

*not following directions (NFD) ie: not taking a knee at two whistles, playing with nets

*tardy to roll-call

-2 for EACH of the following:

*not following directions (NFD) by showing a lack of effort on the day’s activity (LOE)

*purposefully destroying equipment (sitting on balls or cones, breaking things, etc.)

*poor sportsmanship

*rude/defiant/disrespectful to staff or peers

*gum or eating


-3 for each of the following:

*nonsuit (missing any or all of your PE uniform or wearing CROCS with uniform)

*locker room policy violation (more points lost for severe issues)

*rank of 6 or lower by a guest teacher

 *racist comments

Notation made in Powerschool regarding points added or deducted each day.



When you have a minor injury or illness, your parent/guardian may excuse you from PE for 1-3 consecutive days by sending in a written note or email. Any excuse longer than three days requires a note from a doctor clearly stating the duration of the excuse and/or the expected date of return to full participation in PE. 

When you are absent or on a medical excuse from a parent/guardian or doctor for 1-3 days, you are excused. Starting on your fourth consecutive day of missing PE for any reason, you are required to begin completing alternative, written PE assignments found in Google Classroom. We will discuss and agree upon how many of these assignments you must complete to clear your absences. Your daily scores will be 0 until those assignments are submitted.