Middle School: Tiger News

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  • It was very nice meeting you at Back to School Night!  Thank you for taking the time to meet me and learn more about your kiddo's teachers.
  • Picture Day: September 29th, 2023.
  • I will be using ClassTag as well to communicate with parents! I will upload pictures throughout the school year through that platform!


  • iPad: Families, please be aware and vigilant of the conditions of your child's new iPads. As of right now, I see all my students using their iPads appropriately and taking gentle care of their new tech! :) However, please be on the look out because families/student are still responsible for proper care and maintenance of their school ipad's despite the warranty coverage.
    Free “AppleCare+ for School” warranty for the new iPad:
    • Covers:
    1. Defects arising from material and/or workmanship issues, this coverage include the charger and cable.
    2. Replacement of battery with diminished capacity due to usage over time.
    3. Accidental damage to the iPad resulting from unintentional and unexpected incidents.
    4. Each covered iPad is eligible for up to two (2) Accidental Damage incidents per year.
    • Does not cover:
    1. Repairs due to normal wear and tear, and/or cosmetic damages that do not affect functionality of the device.
    2. Replacement of lost or stolen iPad, charges, and cable.
    3. Damage resulting from reckless, abusive, willful, and/or intentional conduct.
    4. Damage from the use of the iPad in a manner that is not normal or intended by Apple.
    5. Damage due to excessive or catastrophic physical damage (crushed or bent).
    6. Damage due to excessive or catastrophic liquid contact (partially or wholly submerged in liquid).
    7. iPad that has been opened, services, modified, or altered without authorization from the District.
  • Back to School Night for Middle School:
    • September 14th 5:00-6:00 PM
      • Middle school teachers will review their course overview with parents during this time.
    • Please be aware that Elementary school students will have a different date for Back to School Night, which is September 13th.