Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Below are some kindergarten-readiness skills that are helpful for your child to have. Certainly, we don't expect every kindergartener to have mastered all of these skills, and they are not required. However, we encourage you to work with your child on these skills as much as possible to make the transition to kindergarten as smooth as possible.

Name Writing

  • Capitalization of first letter only

  • Letters formed correctly, without letter reversals

  • Knows names of letters in name

  • Tripod pencil grip


Cutting Skills

  • Cuts with "thumbs up" on cutting hand and helper hand

  • Small cuts on the back of scissors

  • Can cut straight lines and curves

Cutting Skills

Letters and Sounds

  • Knows some letter names (especially those in name)

  • Knows some letter sounds

Letters and Sounds

  • Counting Skills

  • Counts to 10

  • Counts up to 5 objects

  • Can identify numbers to 10

Counting Skills

  • Shapes

  • Knows basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle


Phonemic Awareness

  • Can produce rhyming words

  • Can blend sounds to make words

Phonemic Awareness

  • Listening Skills

  • Can listen to a story without interrupting

  • Pays attention for short period to adult directed tasks

  • Can follow one or two step directions

Personal Care Skills

  • Can take care of bathroom needs independently

  • Can take on/off jacket

  • Can tie shoes (or has Velcro) teacher will not be able to tie shoes)

  • Can zip-unzip backpack


Bus for Readiness