Meet Your Teacher

TeddyAll About Ms.Harris

Hi, I'm Ms. Harris and I have been teaching at Pepper Drive for 32 years; 7 years in 1st grade, 21 years in kindergarten and now back to 1st grade the last 3 years! All 32 years of my teaching have been at Pepper Drive! I live in Scripps Ranch and have two sons. My oldest son, Trent, is 26, and is working in the insurance field with his Economics degree. My youngest son, Cole, is 22 and just graduated from SDSU (my alma mater) with a degree in Business Marketing. I have a 11 year old yellow lab named Kalua, a cat named Kona and a cat named Kahuna who would like to sleep all day and is therefore overweight! Plus a newer kitten named Kekoa. As you can tell, I love animals! When I am not teaching, I walk the dogs , go to the beach, exercise or just relax by the pool. My favorite things are: Target, Jamba Juice, cranberry bagels, any type of chocolate but especially Twix, Skor bars and Pretzel M and M's. I love teaching and seeing the excitement on a child's face when they first learn to read or they advance in a skill that has been difficult for them to grasp.

In the month of August: I will be excited to welcome back all my soon to be 1st graders:)