The target is excellent citizenship. Students are expected to be positive leaders who consistently display T.I.G.E.R. traits in class and outside of the classroom.


Students are expected to:

• Demonstrate appropriate levels of self-discipline by not intentionally

    disrupting the teaching/learning process in the classroom with noises,

    stomping, tapping, calling out, being out of seat unnecessarily, and/or

    asking off-topic questions during discussions/instructional time   

• Maintain a positive relationship with peers by keeping hands, feet, and

   objects to oneself and refraining from negative verbal interactions  

• Start the task at hand quickly and remain on task without monitoring

• Follow classroom routines correctly and consistently

• Refrain from arguing when giving a warning/redirection

• Come to class with a charged iPad (60%) and any necessary supplies


Students start the week with 10 citizenship points.


  Minus 1 point

·        Not meeting the above expectations after receiving a warning/redirection

·        Receive two warnings in the week

·        Needing to charge iPad


  Minus 2 points

·         Receive three or four warnings in a week

·         Caught with cell phone out in class

·         Name left by guest teacher for being a problem

·         Chewing gum


   Minus 3 points

·        Receive a warning every day of the week

·        Openly defiant/argumentative when given a redirection


A comment regarding subtractions will be recorded in PowerSchool.

Code in Power School

1= gum

2 = off task, taking others off task

3 = AUP iPad choices (games, photos, etc.)

4 = disruptions to teaching or learning (talking, noises, actions)

5 = defiance 

6= negative note from a substitute teacher