Classroom Expectations:

Maintain a classroom environment that fosters a passion for learning and is conducive to working collaboratively by making sure all classroom members follow classroom rules/expectations We must work together to create a SAFE and fun learning environment for all students. Bullying will not be tolerated. Treat others with respect and be kind to one another.

Homework Expectations:

Students will be required to pass one iReady "My Path" lesson per week with 75% or higher. The number of lessons needed to be completed per week may increase. Outside of iReady, students will need to complete any classwork that doesn't get finished in class. Rarely, students will be given short assignments to complete at home. 

Classwork Expectations:

Students must be prepared to practice newly developed skills independently and cooperatively every single day. Students will earn a classwork score based on their work completed during class. Assignments in class can consist of exit slips, lesson packets, and entrance slips. If a student does not complete their classwork, they will receive a 0% on their grade and it will be labeled as missing. Students are expected to complete any missing classwork at home, turning it in the following day. If a student needs an extension, they may ask the teacher.