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About Mr. Julian Sesma:

By 2013, Mr. Sesma had engaged in three service trips to Haiti that transformed the course of his life and strengthened his ability to "love his neighbor." These one-week immersion trips, provided via a Christian, student organization at Georgetown University, set him on a path of international service and ministry that would eventually take him to over 30 countries in the next three years. The four countries that have had the biggest impact on him during these travels include: Haiti, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraq.

As a result of his travel, Mr. Sesma has gained multicultural competence, first-hand awareness of global injustices, and a profound disposition to serve children and entire communities in conflict zones impacted by war, and related, complex humanitarian crises. He has recently graduated from the school-based clinical counseling program at the University of San Diego, hoping to receive additional education and training in trauma and recovery from a global mental health lens. He expects to participate in a counseling doctoral program with an international emphasis, and has a dream to establish a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides comprehensive support for refugees and internally displaced persons in the Middle East, Africa, and other strategic locations around the globe.

Following his former Pre-Kindergarten teaching position that began in 2015, in partnership with Teach for America - San Diego, Mr. Sesma was promoted to a program specialist role in early childhood mental health with Neighborhood House Association. He continues to give back to his San Diego community by supporting local food distribution efforts in south bay San Diego and Tijuana.

It has been a joy and privilege for Mr. Sesma to previously work with the Pepper Drive community from 2018-2019, and he has high expectations for better servicing all students, families, and staff this academic year. One of his favorite aspects of providing counseling services has been building relationships with students. He believes that the counseling relationship can help students self-reflect, weigh options and outcomes, and be their own agents of change.

In his leisure time, Mr. Sesma loves to play soccer, participate in outdoor activities/excursions, play acoustic guitar, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and travel to places new and old.


Julian T. F. Sesma

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 3:30

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