SCIENCE class information

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✩Keep! Moving! Forward! 

Each week is a fresh start, another chance to show your personal best! When you have a less than stellar week, accept the lost point(s )and move on to the next week, the next opportunity to earn full credit on your assignments. 

✩Remember, you are a  PDMS T.I.G.E.R. !

At all times, conduct yourself in accordance with the T.I.G.E.R. behavior traits which are prominently displayed in several points around campus. The core of all five traits is RESPECT: respect for others, respect for facilities, respect for yourself. When you choose to behave in a manner that is not conducive to productive learning, you will be asked to “Find your respect”. 


Suggested classroom donations:

paper towels


Dr. Teal's lavender bath bombs

round balloons

plastic spoons

dixie cups



*5 minutes to get ready to learn. Follow the instructions on the screen
*35 minutes: Science lesson or activity for the day.

HOMEWORK:  10-20 minutes M-Th

*Review your student notebook

*Work to complete any unfinished assignments you may have including copying missed notes into your notebook. 



Your FINAL academic grade is determined by the percentage of total points you earn  for the trimester. Each assignment is worth 100 points. There will be at least one assignment per week. 

100%=A+    99-91%=A     90%=A-     89-81%=B     80%=B-     79-71%=C

70-68%=C-     67-61%=D    60%=D-   

Academic grade may be adjusted at the end of the trimester based on active and consistent class participation and completion of all assignments to the best of your ability.



Your FINAL effort grade will match your final academic grade.

Effort grade may be adjusted at the end of the trimester based on active and consistent class participation and completion of all assignments to the best of your ability.



You start with 95 points (nobody is perfect 😉) each trimester. Your FINAL citizenship grade is determined by how many of those points you have left  at the end of the trimester. 

100%= A+ 99-90%=A      89-80%=B       79-70%=C       69-60%=D   

In order to keep your citizenship points, you are expected to:

*Respect the learning environment by demonstrating high levels of self-discipline.

*Maintain a positive relationship with peers. 

*Follow classroom and schoolwide routines correctly and consistently.

*Refrain from arguing when giving a warning/redirection. 

*Come to class ON TIME every day with a charged iPad (35+%) and all other requested materials.

-2 citizenship points each time your behavior violates the above expectations. When you continue to disrupt after being given three warnings, you will complete the written reflection/restorative letter to your classmates and me.

-5 points if your name is left by a guest teacher for causing a problem in class as well as forfeiting any bonus that the class may earn that day.

-3 or more citizenship points whole class when a guest teacher ranks the class 6 or lower. Do your best to help maintain an effective learning environment when I am out! :)

BONUS citizenship points for the entire class for guest teacher class rankings: 10/10=3, 9/10=2, 8/10=1

BONUS citizenship points for exemplary T.I.G.E.R. behavior

 A comment regarding additions and subtractions will be recorded in PowerSchool by Monday afternoon the following week. 


Earn ONE point:

- score  10/10 on any assignment. 9/10 is an A, but 10/10 is an A+! 

Earn up to TEN points:

-complete a “STEM Stars” assignment before the trimester due date. The directions for this assignment are on the “STEM Stars” wall in the classroom. You can complete ONE of these assignments per trimester. 



-a 3 subject spiral notebook with pocket dividers

-pencil(s)...mechanical preferred with extra lead

-highlighter…any color

-colored pens (optional)

-wired headphones or earbuds. 

**Bluetooth earbuds, such as Airpods are not allowed.**



-iPad keyboards 

-glue stick & tape 

-crayons & markers 

-scissors & stapler 

-wired headphones It is better to have your own!

**Bluetooth earbuds, such as Airpods are not allowed.**