Citizenship and Effort Grading

The Target is Excellent Citizenship: 

Students are expected to be positive leaders who consistently display T.I.G.E.R. traits in class and in the hallway outside of my classroom. Students are expected to:

*Demonstrate high levels of self-discipline by not intentionally disrupting the teaching/learning process in the classroom with subversive noises, stomping, tapping, calling out, being out of seat unnecessarily, and/or asking off-topic questions during discussions of instruction.

*Maintain a positive relationship with peers by keeping hands, feet, objects to oneself and refraining from negative verbal interactions.

*Start the task at hand quickly and remain on task with minimal monitoring.

*Follow classroom routines correctly and consistently.

*Refrain from using profanity.

*Come to class with a charged iPad (25+%) and a pencil.

*Be on time to class.

*Adhere to school and school board policies regarding cell phones, dress code, gum chewing/eating in classrooms.

Students start the week with 10 Citizenship points. The goal is the end the week with 7 or more points. Students will lose points as follows:  

-1= continuing not meet the above expectations after receiving a warning OR receive two warnings in the week OR needing to charge iPad OR needing a pencil OR caught chewing gum (school-wide expectation) OR tardy 3 times during the week

-2= receive three warnings in a week OR cell phone violation OR name left by guest teacher for being a problem OR tardy 4 times during the week

-3= receive four warnings in a week OR openly defiant/argumentative when given a redirection OR sent out of class for a time out due to continual and/or severe disruption OR tardy all five days during the week

-10=7 or more 0 scores on all assignments given for the trimester (lack of responsibility). Points taken at progress report time and the end of the trimester.

A comment regarding subtractions will be recorded in PowerSchool. In general, citizenship grades mean this:

A=ALWAYS meets expectations

B=USUALLY meets expectations

C=INCONSISTENTLY meets expectations

D=RARELY meets expectations

F=NEVER meets expectations

The Target is Excellent Effort

The following assignments will be used to determine a student’s effort grade:

*Weekly NRI practice assignment (entered in PowerSchool weekly)

*Weekly iReady My Path assignment (entered in PowerSchool weekly)

*Active participation in class discussions (adjustment to final effort grade at the end of the trimester)

*Completing all classwork with an attention to detail by following all directions of each given assignment scoring 6-10 points (adjustment to final effort grade based on score earned for each assignment during the trimester)