THE RULE & Class Procedures


Work hard! Be kind!


Respect yourself! Work hard!

Take pride in your assignments! Make it a habit to consistently do your personal best on every task given to you! You can ensure success by doing the following:

  1. -Follow the given directions of each assignment and task you are given.
    -Proofread! Fix all errors before submitting your assignments .
    -Have your iPad with you and fully charged for the day, EVERY DAY!
    -Use class time to your advantage; remember the more you complete in class, the less you have to do at home! Ask yourself, "Am I working hard, or hardly working?" If the answer is the later, get yourself back to the former.
    -Use your tools as tools, not toys! Highlighters, pencils, rulers, iPad, erasers, pens, etc. are tools, NOT toys! -

  2. Stay focused on the task at hand, be it direct instruction or practice on your own.

  3. Ask questions and engage in the process; this is how you learn!

  4. Respect the teaching/learning process!

Respect others! Be kind!

  1. **Follow the "Golden Rule"!
    -Keep your body parts and objects off other people.
    -Stay out of other people’s stuff.
    -Choose your words carefully. Say, "Please, Thank You, You're Welcome and Sorry."
    -Refrain from behaving in any way that takes the learning process away from your fellow students or the teaching process away from your teacher. If I have to stop teaching to give you the "evil teacher's eye," you are behaving in a disruptive manner even if you think you are not.
    -Put things back where they belong in the condition in which you borrowed them!
    -Refrain from intentionally destroying classroom materials: textbooks, desks &/or numbers on desks, chairs &/or numbers on back of chairs, counter tops, supplies provided for your use.
    -If you break, tear, harm anything, own up to it!
    -Pick up trash and throw it away, even if it is not yours!

  2. Respect the teaching/learning process! 


This classroom is a NO DRAMA ZONE! That means that all procedures will be followed with NO FUSS, NO MUSS, NO EXCESSIVE REACTIONS. Don't bring attention to yourself while following a procedure as that is disrespectful to every aspect of this space.

* All class periods enter through the exterior doors closest to this classroom and line up on both sides of the hallway leaving a clear aisle between the lines. Enter and exit the room quietly, with a minimum of fuss!

*Upon entering the classroom, read and follow the directions on the board quickly and quietly. We have an established routine in this class. You are expected to adhere to that routine at all times unless told differently.

*Need to use the POTTY? Raise crossed fingers and wait to be excused. Prop the door open, do your business, wash your hands in the bathroom, close the door upon returning to class.

*Need a DRINK? Raise the "hang loose'' sign and wait to be excused. Clean up any spills around the sink when you are finished. Better yet, bring your own reusable water bottle so that you may take a sip when needed. 

*Need to wash your hands? Raise up hands, palms facing each other and roll in a circular motion and wait to be excused. Clean up any spills around the sink when you are finished.

*Need a tissue? Hold your hand over your nose and wait to be excused. Better yet, if you know you will need a tissue, grab a couple as you enter the room and dispose of them as you leave. Or bring your own small package of tissues.

*If your brain is chosen by BOB, stand up to respond! Look at your audience and speak loudly and clearly!

*I once was LOST but now am FOUND box: Find something? Just go put it in the box! Left something? Come in quietly and go look in the box!