Requested Materials

Materials for ELA and science Requested Materials for ELA and science

Most important tool: Your district-issued iPad! You are required to have your iPad charged and ready for learning everyday. Get into the habit of plugging your iPad in before you go to bed every night.

Materials I will give you at the beginning of the year:

*2 wooden pencils + earsers

*1 yellow highlighter

*1 box of 24 crayons

*1 one-subject spiral notebook. This is for science! Do not take paper out of it for your other classes.

*1 glue stick

*1 pen

Materials you may want to purchase if you do not already have them:

*fine line and bold markers (Crayola brand markers are both!)

*colored pencils

*pencil sharpener

*other colors of highlighter

*mechanical pencils (my favorite! I like PaperMate brand) with extra lead and erasers

*a couple more pens

*extra lined paper