Keiser, 4th

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome back parents and students! Your fourth grade year is going to be AMAZING!! I can't wait to meet you!

I will be using ClassDojo for communication, so look for an email soon to join.  This will be my main method of contact. Also, feel free to email anytime with concerns or questions.


The following supplies would really help me keep my classroom budget down.  

composition book

dry erase markers (thin)


2-pocket folder (any type, plastic or paper)


glue sticks

pencil box, no larger than 10"x5", large enough to fit a box of crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

Colored pencils (Crayola is best! No larger than 24 pack)

Markers (No larger than 10 pack)

No student will go without supplies! Your contributions help me keep my budget down. Some items, like the pencils and glue sticks, will become community items.


Mrs. Jennifer Keiser
[email protected]