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Hi, my name is Mrs. Dunnigan. I live in the Mission Valley area with my husband, and two sons. My husband and oldest son both have the name Charlie which can be kind of confusing at times. Charlie is 17 and Joseph is 12. I have been teaching since 1996. My family moved to Santee in 1978. I was enrolled at Hill Creek Elementary and studied there from fourth grade until graduating 8th grade in 1983. When I was selecting districts, Santee kept coming to mind. I was looking for a small district with a family feel. I had gone to school there and had a wonderful experience. My first official teaching assignment, after teaching and substituting at Chet F. Harritt, was 2nd grade at Hill Creek Elementary. In fact, I had the privilege of teaching with my 5th grade teacher. I had definitely come full circle! I have since moved to another wonderful Santee School, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Hill Creek. I'm very excited to be teaching fourth grade!

Some of my best school memories are from when I was in 4th grade. In fact, one of the reasons I became a teacher was because of my fourth grade teacher. As the new girl, yet again, Mrs. Morgan helped me feel welcome and took away any fears I had. Some of things she did as a teacher, I still do. She made that great of an impression on me. Below you'll find some of things that I remember when I was in the fourth grade. The year was 1978 and who could forget....

I learned to roller skate in the fourth grade. It was such a treat to go to Roller Skate Land and I loved all the disco music they played. Roller Skates

I had a gold t-shirt with my favorite singer on it. My name was on the back in black felt letters and that shirt is how I met my best friend.

We didn't have ipods back those days. I was so excited to have my transistor radio Vintage black portable

I loved it when the ice cream man came by on Saturdays. This is one of my favorites!

Once a year my mom would let us have a box of sugar cereal and this is what I always picked. Capn Crunch

One of my favorite cartoons... the Flintstones tonesCartoon

Some things I did in school....

I read this and did a book report. Freddy & The Detective

Our teacher read this to us... Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing Tales of a fourth grade nothing