AlphaFriend Songs

 Alphafriend Songs

Click on each song to sing along with the letter-sound song.  Look for the pictures to go with the letter.  Can you spot them all?  Have fun reading!

andy apple poem  Benny Bear poem  Callie Cat poem  Dudley Duck poem 
Edna Elephant poem song   Fifi Fish poem/song Gertie Goose poem and song  Hattie Horse poem and song 
 Iggy Iguana  Jumping Jill poem Keely Kangaroo poem   Larry Lion poem
 Mimi Mouse song  Nyle Noodle song Ollie Octopus poem   Pippa Pig alphafriend poem
 Queenie Queen poem Reggie Rooster poem   Sammy Seal alphafriend song  Tiggy Tiger alphafriend song
Umbie Umbrella slphafriend song  Vinny Volcano alphafriend song  Willy Worm alphafriend song  Mr. X-ray alphafriend song 
   Yetta Yo-Yo alphafriend song  Zelda Zebra alphafriend song