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PDMS 7th Grade Motto: "CHARACTER and DRIVE"

BooksThe "Language Arts" are four, closely related communication skills. You might know them better as Reading (fluency and comprehension), Writing (grammar, conventions, ideas on "paper"), Listening (not just hearing white noise), and Speaking (clear, concise, out loud communication). Each day, my students will practice all of these skills with the goal of becoming better at them than they were when they walked into my classroom at the beginning of the school year. I strive to create writers, NOT a piece of writing; to create engaged readers, NOT word skimmers; to create speakers, NOT mumblers; to create engaged listeners, NOT just hearers. A daunting task, yes, but a worthy one, methinks! These skills will transfer into our science learning as students read for information, discuss our new knowledge with each other and the entire class, show their understanding in written form, and listen during instruction. 

Mrs. Sparley’s World: 7th grade ELA & Science Explained...

Keep! Moving! Forward! 

Each week is a fresh start, another chance to show your personal best! Your goal is to finish what is assigned to you each week. If you don’t finish what is assigned to you each week, accept the lost point(s )and move on to the next week, the next opportunity to earn full credit on your assignments. You are expected to work hard and be kind in my classroom. Read the posters prominently displayed in the room if you need a reminder of how a seventh grader works hard and shows kindness. Remember, you are a  PDMS T.I.G.E.R. Conduct yourself in accordance with the T. I. G.E.R. traits which are displayed in several points around campus.


30-45 minutes. Set a timer! 

You will have a limited amount of time in class each day to work on these assignments, so you will have to work on them outside of the classroom: 


1) iReady Reading: weekly My Path lessons assignment 

2) No Red Ink weekly assignment: one topic dot to mastery or study mastered topic(s) every day

3) Reread current science topic notes and ELA toolkit notes at least twice weekly

4) Complete any assignments missed due to absence


1) WordPool work period

2) DQ & discussion

3) ELA lesson

4) Science lesson 


1) Word Pool : independent work period 

*quietly working on iReady My Path lesson

*quietly working on NRI topic dot 

*quietly proofreading and/or making-up DQ

*quietly working on long-term assignments 

 Word Pool time stops when the music ends.

2) Daily Question (DQ):

 You will practice the writing skills learned/reviewed in class by responding to the day’s question/prompt to the best of your ability. Prompts will vary from specific content comprehension to free write to directed use of specific grammar skills. You will create ONE document for the week and add to it daily. Each week, you get to choose which response you want to be graded. Choose well! 

3) No Red Ink  (

NRI is a digital grammar program you will use to review, learn, and  practice grammar skills. You must engage with the program in order to master a topic and thus earn a passing score on each assignment. According to NRI, “To master a topic, you must demonstrate full understanding of that topic. Mastery is not about answering a set number of questions or spending a certain number of minutes on NoRedInk. Instead, mastery-based practice builds a tailored set of questions to meet your needs.” Each NRI assignment will consist of 5 grammar/writing topics (dots). There will be a quiz after every three assignments. 

4) iReady Reading=My Path lessons(accessed through CLEVER):

 You must PASS three lessons per week. Passing is 75% as set by iReady. Do not waste your time by rushing through a lesson only to fail. Take your time and pay attention to details in the directions and texts.

-pass 3 of 3   =10 points

-pass 3 =9 points

-pass 2   =8 points

-pass 1 =7 points

**Do not attempt more than 7 lessons per week. 

ACADEMIC GRADING: The PRODUCT category in Powerschool

Your FINAL grade in this class depends on the percentage of total points you earn for the trimester:

100%=A+    99-90%=A     89-80%=B    79-70%=C    69-55%=D   54-0%=F

Every assignment is worth 10 points. Assignments include weekly DQ,  content quizzes, and comprehension projects.

10=A+   9=A     8=B    7=C    6=D    5-4=F    0=not submitted on due date

Since all assignments are based on the CCSS (CA Common Core State Standards), your success means that you are showing mastery of the standard being assessed on the given assignment. Certain assignments have specific rubrics, but all rubrics used in my classes  follow this general format:

4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point


show me what you learned

Wow! You’ve really got it as shown through elaboration & applied learning!

Okay! You can recall and give back!


you are working on it but are a bit confused

You have no clue

CONVENTIONS: put it in writing correctly

Wow! Your writing is impeccable as shown by regular, confident, and correct use of advanced vocabulary and grammar with limited mistakes. 

Okay! You have a few mistakes, but are starting to apply the grammar skills and vocabulary you are learning in class


you are stuck as shown through multiple errors which cause confusion for your reader and/or consistent repetition of simple vocab & grammar



follow the directions for what to include on the page



NO mistakes in following directions 

Some mistakes in following directions

Content score + conventions score + format score= YOUR grade! 

For example 3+3+2=8/10=B. Shoot for scoring 8,9, or 10 on every assignment. 


EFFORT GRADING: The PRACTICE category in Powerschool

-Weekly NRI practice assignments=average assignment score over the trimester as given by the program. This score will be entered ONCE in Powerschool: preliminary score at progress report time will be overridden at the end of the trimester if your score changes

-Weekly iReady assignment=see scale above. This score will be entered each week.

-some classwork assignments given specifically as practice before being assessed.

Effort grade may be adjusted at the end of the trimester based on active and consistent class participation coupled with passing assignment scores. Please click on the link for Citizenship and Effort Grading for a list of expected student actions for each of these areas.



When you chose to continue disrupting the teaching/learning process in my class after receiving redirection, you will lose one or more of the 10 weekly citizenship points.  You will receive the SAME citizenship grade in both classes. Please refer to the "Citizenship and Effort grading" link to the left for specific information.



Earn TWO points:

-Two extra credit points in effort and academics are earned for a  rank of 10/10 by a guest teacher. Ranking is determined by whole class behavior and effort. If I am out for 2+ consecutive days, then an average ranking will be used

-Two possible extra credit points in effort and academics for iReady: ONE point for scoring five+ points better on each consecutive diagnostic during the year. ONE point for scoring “4th grade” or above on the diagnostic.

-Two EC for passing five iReady lesson in one week

Earn ONE point:

-One extra credit point every time you score  10/10 on any assignment. 9/10 is an A, but 10/10 is an A+! 

-One extra credit point in effort and academics for a rank of 8 or 9 by a guest teacher. See above explanation 

-One point extra credit in effort given for passing four iReady lessons for the week. Careful! The EC is forfeited if you attempt more than seven lessons in any one week (M-F).

When an opportunity presents itself, I may offer additional bonus points and/or full EC assignments during each trimester, but don’t count on these.