Distance Learning 2021: Schedule, Expectations

Distance Learning Schedule:

You will video conference in ELA with me on Wednesday and Friday. My homeroom will meet at 9:30 and Mr. Hobbs homeroom will meet at 10:15.

You have an assignment EVERY DAY in ELA, even those days we do not video conference. Check your Google ELA Classroom every day. I will post ONE Google Classroom (GC) assignment for the week and add to it each day as needed. This makes it easier for me and you to navigate through GC. Trust me, this will make sense once we get started :)!

You will video conference in Science with me on Mondays. Mr Hobbs homeroom will meet at 9:30 and my homeroom will meet at 10:15. This is the same Monday schedule you will use for History with Mr. Hobbs the first few weeks of school. Expect a switch from History to Science some time in September and then a flip-flop every three weeks or so.

My office hour time is 2:30-3:00. I will enter the Meet before Mr. Hobbs leaves.

Distance Learning Google Meet Norms:

Be in a distraction free place if possible

Make sure your background is appropriate

Be ready for school: dressed, iPad charged, materials handy

Keep your face in the frame if you choose to turn on your video

Keep your iPad stationary

Put your pets in another room if possible, or at least keep them out of the frame

Use the Chat Stream for questions about the class, not conversation with your classmates

Mute your microphone until asked to unmute. If you have a question, ask to unmute in the Chat and wait for permission.

Do not snack while in a video class and your video is on

Be attentive and an active participant

Speak clearly and close to your iPad so you can be heard

Respect is in effect!